Whether you are catering for a company celebration, a birthday, family celebrations, seminars, festivals or parties…..
Let us help you create a tasty food offer for your event. Just contact us and we will conjure up something to meet your individual requirements.
We can offer you fresh enjoyment from the buffet and/or grill, for example, with

  • a breakfast buffet with different kinds of bread and bread rolls, delicate croissants, delicious fruity jams, cheese varieties and savoury ground pork etc.
  • an American BBQ, with Jalapeno cheese peppers, roast beef, chicken wings, burgers, wedges and corn vegetables, etc.
  • a delicious barbecue buffet from a charcoal or gas grill, with pork steaks, grill sticks, prawns, grilled tomatoes, garlic bread and party rolls etc.
  • an “exclusive” buffet with burgundy pâtés, Mediterranean antipasti, ducks slices with mango, tender venison roast, almond potato croquettes and home-made red cabbage etc.
  • a rustic farmhouse buffet with home-made salads, a Börner-Eisenacher sausage platter, small party breaded pork cutlets, potato gratin and leg of suckling pig etc.
  • an Oktoberfest buffet with typical pork knuckle, fried chicken, white sausage, dumplings, sauerkraut and Bavarian cream served with fruit salad as a desert
  • a game buffet with deer and venison, fresh, seasonal salads, dumplings, noodles and pears with cranberries
  • a hot and cold party/standing buffet with Nuremberg fried sausages in puff pastry, mini breaded pork cutlets, onion and leek pie and home-made egg salad
  • a cold gourmet buffet with Scottish smoked salmon, Franconian-style trout and grilled vegetables, rocket with cherry tomatoes and Parmesan and a cheese board etc.
  • an Italian buffet with ciabatta, Sicilian hake, rosemary potatoes and delicious tiramisu etc.
  • a finger food buffet of Parma ham on melon, pork shoulder, Pumpernickel bread with cream cheese and red stewed fruit etc.
  • an exotic buffet with lamb curry, parrotfish and a king prawn cocktail, etc.

All are always served with fresh seasonal salads, a variety of soups and a big selection of desserts and ice cream.
It goes without saying that we also have the appropriate cutlery and crockery for loan.

If you have any questions regarding our offer, then we will be pleased to advise you personally!

E-Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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